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We believe that every member of the Quad Cities community deserves:

A safe, stable, and flourishing economic, social, and cultural environment for their families.

 An adequate standard of living ensuring dignity and individual well-being.

 Immediate help in times of extreme vulnerability (unemployment, foreclosure, etc.) without having to face bureaucratic and/or financial barriers.

A life without fear.


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The Palomares Social Justice Center exists to help address the socio-economic needs and interests of Floreciente and other less empowered communities through advocacy, grassroots outreach and culturally sensitive services



The Palomares Social Justice Center values and embraces:

  •  Collaboration and Inclusiveness
  • People to People Empowerment
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity
  • Equity
  • Creativity (supporting a space for critical thinking and activity)
  •  Advocacy 


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