The Palomares Social Justice Center provides services that are responsive to the needs of the community it serves and consistent with its mission.  Those services are:

  • Information and referral with some added attention to services for those affected by domestic violence, information on transportation assistance and special consideration to the growing need for information and assistance related to the Deferred Action Opportunities for Parents Act (DAPA)
  • Neighborhood beautification/clean-up
  • Oral interpreter services and written translation
  • Events that promote Mexican and Mexican-American cultural heritage (ex. Posadas, Day of the Dead, Day of the Spring, Celebra Floreciente, Mexican Independence Day and other relevant special events).
  • Community Gardening
  • Immigration Consultation and Certified Immigration Counseling at no cost
  • Community Center that
  • enables outside agencies to meet with area residents
  • provides a "safe" place for people to meet (regardless of their documented status)
  • is responsive to the varied schedules of residents in the neighborhood (ex. the hours of operation)